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WILLOW GROVE FARM: A SHORT HISTORY Cromwell Valley Park encompasses 460 acres of stream valley and upland habitat just minutes from downtown Towson…the Willow Grove Nature Education Center, a remodeled historic farm house, [is the] focal point. c In addition to the house, Willow Grove Farm (BA-2768) comprises a barn, corn crib, springhouse and two 20th century tenant houses. The Merrick log house (BA-2771), located to the southwest of the restored lime kilns, was part of the Long Island Farm...

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THE GLEN VIEW HOTEL  Correction to content in “Highlights of a Ride on the Ma & Pa through Cromwell and Long Green Valleys,” History Trails, 43: 4, Autumn 2017 Ann Royston Blouse On page 10 I reported that the Glen View Hotel was built circa 1902 by John Wilson Brown, then President of the Ma & Pa Railroad. This information was found in a Maryland & Pennsylvania Historical Society publication (Timetable Summer 1998). Subsequent research demonstrates that this is likely not the case. I believe, based on evidence outlined below, that the hotel was built by Francis X. Hooper,...

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MacKubbin General Store Ledger

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MacKubbin General Store Ledger By: Tyisse Baxter The MacKubbin General Store was a family-run store in Upper Falls, a community in Baltimore County, Maryland. At one time, Upper Falls was named MacKubbinsville and later named Starrs Corner. While there is little information about Lloyd MacKubbin and his family, some facts are available. In censuses from the early to mid-1800s, his and his sons’ names appear under different spellings of the name MacKubbin. According to the census, they lived in the more rural parts if Maryland, indicating they may have been farmers. The store itself may...

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Being an Intern at the HSBC

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Being an Intern at the HSBC By: Rachel L. Harmon   For my final semester at Towson University, I always knew I wanted to participate in an internship. Not only to get class credits towards my degree and to also earn some valuable experience working in the field. There were many different places offering an internship opportunity that I looked into and I ultimately chose to work at the Historical Society of Baltimore County. Working at the HSBC gave me an opportunity to gain experience working in variously different areas. I was able to tailor my experience in order to gain as much...

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The County Flag – Heavily Ridiculed, Still Adopted

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The Baltimore County Flag – Heavily Ridiculed, Still Adopted Adam Youssi June 2015 (Special thanks to the Baltimore County Department of Planning, Preservation Services, for access to their files for sources used in this article.) Early in 1962, the Catonsville Business Association hosted a contest sanctioned by the Baltimore County Executive, Christian H. Kahl, and the County Council. The contest’s goal was to solicit designs for the first official Baltimore County flag, because to date the county didn’t have one. The Baltimore County public schools got involved too:...

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Cherry Hill AUMP Church

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Deteriorating 19th c. Black Church & Cemetery Reborn as Small Museum & Meeting Place Cherry Hill AUMP Church in Granite, MD April 23, 2015 Today, we visited the results of a project almost fifteen years in the making – the historic Cherry Hill African United Methodist Protestant (AUMP) Church (BA-2399). It’s just one project among others being spearheaded by local African American historian and author, Louis Diggs. The small “colored church,” as it was commonly called, is in Granite, MD, in western Baltimore County. It’s located on Offutt Road, one block east of an...

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