Sam Smith Star-Spangled Hero – New Book Presentation, Sale & Signing (Public Program)

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When: Back to Calendar May 31, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Where: Historic Baltimore County Almshouse
9811 Van Buren Lane
Cockeysville,MD 21030
Cost: Free to society members/$5 non-members
Contact: 410.666.1878
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Sam Smith Star-Spangled Hero – New Book Presentation, Sale & Signing

Join us, and the authors of the new book, Sam Smith: Star-Spangled Hero: The Unsung Patriot who Saved Baltimore and Helped Win the War of 1812, for a presentation, book sale and signing.  Robert Dudley, Marc De Simone and special military history contributor Lt. Col. Guy Berry, USMC, invested untold hours in their research and writing of this new book.

About the Author

Dr. Marc DeSimone was born and raised in Baltimore and has taught leadership at Colleges and Universities. He has also provided leadership training to both private and public sectors for over three decades. He currently provides training for the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management in Baltimore.

Back Cover

It was September 11 of 1814, during the “forgotten” War of 1812, and the future of American independence was on the line. The most powerful military force in the world, the British Royal Navy, had positioned a massive naval blockade all along the American Atlantic coast to the Gulf of Mexico, slowly strangling the infant U.S. economy. The invasion of Washington, D.C. by Lord Wellington’s “Invincibles” the month before had resulted in the burning of the Capitol and White House, scattering Congress and the President to the wind. In the largest assembly of combatants during the entire war, the people and city of Baltimore were targeted by the British as a hated “nest of pirates”. At noon that Sunday, church bells sounded the alarm as 50 war ships of the British juggernaught appeared within sight of Fort McHenry! Against all odds, one American heroically led the defense that saved his beloved city. Five weeks later, upon hearing the news of the Battle of Baltimore in London, the British government finally relented and maneuvered to quickly negotiate an end to the war. Baltimore and America were saved as Sam Smith became a military hero for the second time in his illustrious life. The fruits of his efforts are recorded in our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, and the results of his deeds are forever emblazoned on every American heart. This is the story that shows what can happen “when freemen shall stand!” Here is a tribute to the un-sung patriot and his life of leadership and service. Smith is a bold example of true American heroism and wisdom from one of the darkest days of our existence as a free people. Inspiring us all today, this book is the authors’ homage to the early Republic, and Sam Smith’s fight for freedom and liberty, illuminating the all important leadership lessons which teach us how one American can make the difference in preserving the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”